Mulling It Over with Bob Houghtaling
Being An American

Ehsun Mirza, a Critical Care Doctor at Kent Hospital, returns to Mulling It Over and discuses how he, a Muslim, revels in America’s ability to accept diverse populations. Special emphasis is placed on how the recent immigration ban impacts his family and friends.

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A Spartan Approach

Steve Branch and David DelBonis, from Spartan International Consulting Group, discuss how their organization provides trainings that are geared towards reducing violent confrontations. By balancing knowledge with practical skills development, clients will be able to assess risk factors as well as discuss options for averting life-threatening events.

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Another Chance

Magistrate John J. Flynn discusses how the Rhode Island Adult Drug Court helps support individuals charged with Substance Abuse related crimes. Special emphasis is placed on accountability, family support and recognizing the uniqueness of each individual.

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Spirituality and Mental Health

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Malone shares insight into how spirituality impacts mental health. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of community as well as ‘faking it till you make it’.

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Student Athletes

Chuck Wilson, nationally recognized Sports Journalist, discusses why parents and coaches should emphasize the importance of effort and attitude over one extolling winning at all costs.

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For the Good of the World

Swami Yogatmananda discusses the basic tenants of Vedanta and the meaning behind the motto ‘for the liberation of the self and for its good of the world’. Emphasis is also placed on reconciling science with religious truths.

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Clear The Air

Ty Sells, from Youth to Youth International, dispels some myths and misconceptions pertaining to marijuana use. In addition, details are provided pertaining to this years Eastern States Youth to Youth Summer Conference.

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A Dutch Treat  Part II

Henri Arts continues his discussion concerning living in Amsterdam during Nazi occupation. Special emphasis is placed on events leading to the war’s end as well as creating a new life.

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A Dutch Treat Part I

Henri Arts, ‘Opa’, as he eventually came to be known, discusses his childhood in Amsterdam and how the world changed when the Nazi’s occupied the city.

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From Nightmare To A Dream

Omar Bah, Founder and Executive Director of the Refugee Dream Center, describes how, as a journalist in Gambia, he was imprisoned and tortured for trying to shed light on the political brutality that was occurring in his homeland. Special emphasis is placed on the efforts he has made in supporting refugees seeking to find their way in America.

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