Mulling It Over
Clear The Air

Ty Sells, from Youth to Youth International, dispels some myths and misconceptions pertaining to marijuana use. In addition, details are provided pertaining to this years Eastern States Youth to Youth Summer Conference.

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A Dutch Treat  Part II

Henri Arts continues his discussion concerning living in Amsterdam during Nazi occupation. Special emphasis is placed on events leading to the war’s end as well as creating a new life.

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A Dutch Treat Part I

Henri Arts, ‘Opa’, as he eventually came to be known, discusses his childhood in Amsterdam and how the world changed when the Nazi’s occupied the city.

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From Nightmare To A Dream

Omar Bah, Founder and Executive Director of the Refugee Dream Center, describes how, as a journalist in Gambia, he was imprisoned and tortured for trying to shed light on the political brutality that was occurring in his homeland. Special emphasis is placed on the efforts he has made in supporting refugees seeking to find their way in America.

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Learning From History

Wayne Politelli, a respected History Teacher at Tollgate High School, discusses what can be learned from our past and how young learners can benefit from the challenges of yesterday.

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Understanding Islam Part II

Wendy Manchester Ibrahim, Vice President of RI Council for Muslim Advancement, continues her discussion on Islam, emphasizing some of the challenges she faces raising children in the present political and social environment.

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Understanding Islam

Wendy Manchester Ibrahim, Vice President of RI Council for Muslim Advancement, shares how she became a Muslim and offers insight into what can be done to thwart many of the misconceptions some might have regarding her faith.

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A Powerful Defense

Andrew Horwitz, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education at the Roger Williams University School of Law, discusses how Rhode Island’s Probation System impacts thousands of lives. In addition, Professor Horwitz examines the need for changes pertaining to expunging criminal records as well as a case for legalizing marijuana.

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Kids Count

Elizabeth Burke Bryant, Executive Director of Rhode Island’s Kid’s Count, discusses her organizations efforts to compile information that details how local young people are faring in a number of areas. Emphasis is placed on factors that both challenge and support kids.

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Finding A Way Part II

Dr. Raymond Mis continues his discussion concerning how he has resumed working despite significant loss of hearing and sight. This Podcast explores how he is attempting to help the community through humanitarian efforts.

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