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Each week I interview guests who delve into a myriad of substance abuse, mental health and social justice concerns. Hear some provocative discussions that will hopefully provide an impetus for change and better understanding.

Sep 6, 2017

Laila Mirza and Everett Smith, two students from Wheeler School, discuss their club, Interbelief, offering an overview of how the organization brings diverse peoples together. Special emphasis is placed on Interbelief members exploring such issues as religion, politics and social justice.

Feb 8, 2017

Ehsun Mirza, a Critical Care Doctor at Kent Hospital, returns to Mulling It Over and discuses how he, a Muslim, revels in America’s ability to accept diverse populations. Special emphasis is placed on how the recent immigration ban impacts his family and friends.

Jan 23, 2017

Steve Branch and David DelBonis, from Spartan International Consulting Group, discuss how their organization provides trainings that are geared towards reducing violent confrontations. By balancing knowledge with practical skills development, clients will be able to assess risk factors as well as discuss options for...

Oct 20, 2016

Magistrate John J. Flynn discusses how the Rhode Island Adult Drug Court helps support individuals charged with Substance Abuse related crimes. Special emphasis is placed on accountability, family support and recognizing the uniqueness of each individual.

Jun 3, 2016

Andrew Horwitz, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education at the Roger Williams University School of Law, discusses how Rhode Island’s Probation System impacts thousands of lives. In addition, Professor Horwitz examines the need for changes pertaining to expunging criminal records as well as a case for...