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Each week I interview guests who delve into a myriad of substance abuse, mental health and social justice concerns. Hear some provocative discussions that will hopefully provide an impetus for change and better understanding.

Jan 2, 2020

Dr. Paul Mangino, Department Chair of Respiratory Care and Health Programs at the New England School of Technology, discusses his work and how it is impacted by tobacco products. Special emphasis is placed on illnesses caused by vaping as well as a myriad of prevention measures designed to promote A Little Fresh Air....

Nov 17, 2017

Kelly Matson, Pharm.D., is a Clinical Professor at the University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy. A significant portion of her work involves educating local communities and schools about a myriad of health related topics. Special emphasis is given to enhancing awareness of opioid abuse for school aged youth.

Jul 2, 2014

Tom Marron was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma more than 30 years ago. Here he shares a story of fear, hope and a willingness to make fundemental life changes in order to survive. 

Mar 22, 2014

Mulling It Over welcomes Matt Cate to discuss his father's battle with ALS as well as what can be done to help address a debilitating condition.