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Each week I interview guests who delve into a myriad of substance abuse, mental health and social justice concerns. Hear some provocative discussions that will hopefully provide an impetus for change and better understanding.

May 3, 2021

Episode 28: Lucy’s Booth
The Right to Protest

Miguel Figueroa, EG High School student and activist, visit’s Lucy’s Booth to help initiate a discussion regarding the importance of protests. In addition, emphasis is placed on how some states are introducing legislation to support those who demonstrate violence...

Mar 29, 2021

Episode 25: Lucy’s Booth
Protecting the Land

Devon Parfait, future Chief of the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe, discusses issues facing his community at Lucy’s Booth. Special emphasis is placed on coastal land loss, educational challenges and the lack of economic opportunity for...

Mar 22, 2021

Lucy’s Booth Episode 24
The Talk Club

 Geoffrey Aptt joins Jadyn Cicerchia, and Bob Houghtaling, at Lucy’s Booth to discuss a new club he has helped to create at EG High School exploring diversity. Special emphasis is placed on addressing racism and encouraging people to develop a greater understanding of each...

Nov 2, 2020

Episode 9: Lucy’s Booth
A Youthful Perspective

Sophie Brusini and Michaela Shunney join Bob Houghtaling at Lucy’s Booth to discuss how today’s contentious political atmosphere impacts young people. Special emphasis is placed on how tenor and respect count.

Jul 25, 2020

Just Talking: Episode 5
with Lou Dodley, Ph. D., Kathy Sullivan and Bob Houghtaling

Kathy Sullivan leads Lou Dodley, Ph. D. and Bob Houghtaling through Episode 5 of Just Talking, an open and honest discussion about Race. This episode centers on possible solutions for an issue that spans back to our Nation’s finding....